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Merchant Payment Services

No fuss. We’ll help you, so you can take care of your business.

Payment Providers

To get the best results, we have to mix our skills.

A full range of online merchant payment services.

Payments Consultancy

Payment Consultancy

We provide payment consultancy services that help online merchants shape their strategy, built for the future.

Credit Card Acceptance & Processing

Credit Card Acceptance & Processing

Start to accept and process credit card payments online and get customers from all over the world.

Alternative payment methods

Alternative Payment Methods

Add alternative payments methods to your payment solution to increase sales, conversion results.

Risk & Fraud Management

Risk & Fraud Management

We help merchants with effective and strategic services to prevent potential fraud and minimize risk in a card-not present environment.

Payment Manager

Payment Manager

If you want to outsource your payment processing solution, we are able to represent your interests in regards to your payment solution as your payment manager.


Anything else?

If there's anything else we can do for you, feel free to contact us.

Payment Services For All Industries

Whether you are a small, medium or an enterprise sized company, we offer payment services for all kinds of online merchants and online industries. We provide payment processing and knowledge services to allow you to make the right payment decisions for your industry.


Digital goods are intangible digital products, content  or services  like-files (sharing), audio and video content, subscribtion models, virtual items in social networks , games, etc.

E-tail is characterized as the traditional retail on the internet. Selling hard products via the internet. Whatever segment your business is, whether you are an online-only or omni-channed company, we can offer you multi-disciplined payment advise services. We will take time to understand your business completely to make sure our services can assist you to optimize your payment solution.

The online sales of telecom services like mobile top- ups or other telecom services is a specific niche which requires a specific treatment from a payment solution point of view. Small margins and high risks are factors which complicates the need of a specific payment solution. At Global Payment Connection we have tailored payment solutions for big players in this area and achieved successes by optimizing sales.

If you operate in a different industry stated above we probably help those industries too.

Alternative Payment Methods

Increase your online sales

Find new customers with alternative payment methods.

Optimize your transaction costs

Optimize transaction costs

Optimize and control your online transaction costs.

Prevent, detect and reduce Risk and Fraud

Balance your risks

Evaluate potential fraud that could harm your business heavily.

Improve your internal payment solution

Improve internal processes

Analyze and optimize your payment solution.

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

Apply Your Business

To apply your business for our payment services you can fill in our online application. When you finish and apply your business we will send you a copy of your application and we will get in contact with you.

Partnership Opportunities

We offer different partner programs to help you upscale your business and product & service portfolio. Let’s discuss together how we can shape a partnership designed to your needs.


Payments Partner Program


Global Payment Connection is an all-in-one payment consultancy boutique. We offer a complete portfolio of effective and secure payment processing services, all under one roof. With Global Payment Connection, you can easily upscale your online business by re-shaping your payment solution, including credit card acceptance & processing, adding relevant alternative payment methods, start with mobile payments and virtual terminals, business development (open new target regions), benchmarking and more, combined with our strong market knowledge for a complete payment solution.



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