Industries and Merchants we love working with

Whether you are a small, medium or an enterprise sized company, we offer payment services for all kinds of online merchants and online industries. We provide payment processing and knowledge services to allow you to make the right payment decisions for your industry.

We give advisory services to a wide range of online and offline business markets.

Global Payment Connection works with online merchants seeking to launch new credit card programs and merchants with established credit card programs.  Our clients span a broad base of industries in international markets.

We work and strive to build long-lasting relationships and have earned a reputation as the company to call for industry expertise, trusted guidance and ongoing payment support.  Most of our clients reach out to us on different situations throughout the lifecycle of their credit card solution. Calling on us for services such as credit card acceptance & processing, alternative payment methods, mobile payments and business development.

Industry references

  • Retail / e-Tail
    • Fashion
    • Warehouses
    • Computer/ telco hardware
    • Jewelry and watches
  • Digital Goods
    • Subscription models
    • Download
    • Audio/ video streaming
    • Gaming
    • Gambling
  • Telecomm
    • Prepaid top-ups
    • Abbo services/ subscription models
  • Travel
    • Booking platforms
    • Short stay rentals
    • Travel agencies
    • Airline tickets
  • All other e-commerce

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Payment Methods
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