Risk & Fraud Management

Risk and Fraud Management  Risk & Fraud Management

We are able to provide our clients with effective and strategic Fraud & Risk management services to help merchants prevent potential fraud and minimize risk in a card-not present environment. It is really important to evaluate potential fraud that could harm your business heavily. Global Payment Connection will analyse, define and help you implement the best risk and fraud management process possible. Identifying possible fraud helps organizations protect their real customers.

Minimize your risk. Protect, detect and avoid fraudulent payments.

We can help you identify customers with credit risk. Potential risk such as late payments, charge-offs or other dept problems can create big losses for your business. Be ahead of those problems and let us help you improve your risk and fraud management process.

Fraud Risk strategy

  • Chargeback management; we help you to get out of chargeback problems. Reducing chargebacks and increase sales.
  • Detect and reduce fraud
  • In-depth fraud support
  • Keep below scheme thresholds and keep optimal sales results
  • Payment guarantee
  • Shift chargeback liability / shift your risk
  • Develop an optimized balance between financial risk and sales within the solution

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