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Accept Credit Card Payments

Global Payment Connection offers a full range of advisory services for online merchants of all sectors and all business sizes. With our large network of banking and payments we can help merchants to implement effective credit card strategies to accept credit cards transactions from all over the world.

Credit Card Processing

Start processing credit card payments and we will help you avoid unnecessary problems while finding the right credit card acquirer. Global online merchants of all sizes can benefit from our global reach which makes it easier to accept and process credit card transactions worldwide.

Why choose us?

  • Large network in banking and payments
  • Global reach
  • Interchange management
  • Recurring / subscription models
  • Multi-currency payment acceptance
  • Get optimal conversions

Our process: Analyse, define & implement.

Global Payment Connection will carry out a comprehensive analyses of current credit card accepting  solution and conditions. We will help you to analyse, define and implement effective payment strategies to optimize your conversion rates.

We are very flexible and open to any kind of construction of a partnership. Exactly this makes it so interesting to work with us. Only pay for what you take off, no need to hire people and an independent advise is what Global Payment Connection offers you.

Finding the right credit card acquirer

With a strong knowledge of the credit card payment processing models, Global Payment Connection is able to add more value to your business. Merchants who are looking for credit card acceptance, merchants who are looking for better conversion, merchants who are looking for better control of costs, merchants that are suffering from high chargeback rates and or high fraud losses, and many more have found the right partner in Global Payment Connection. Bring your business (back) on track by organizing the best solution in place. We are serving all types of industries.

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Merchant Application

To apply your business for our payment services you can fill in our online application. When you finish and submit your application we will send you a copy and get in contact with you.

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