Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods  Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative Payment Methods

Add multipe payment options to your payment solution to increase your sales, better conversion results and optimize your internal payment process. When you are selling your product worldwide as an online merchant you can’t miss out not having more payment methods. You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients. If you are looking for new ways to receive transactions, Global Payment Connection helps you by advising alternative payment options which could be beneficial for your target area and future grow plans. We will help you to analyze your current payment methods and give you tailor made consults on your business portfolio and conditions. Offering more payment processing solutions is extremely important in order to meet your clients demands and will give the tools to grow your business.

Mobile Payments

Accepting mobile payments —whether by accepting credit cards in the field or by letting users pay on-site with smartphones —is a must for businesses of all types. Finding out which mobile payment technology is right for your business can be a challenge.

Start accepting mobile payments and let us help you find the best transaction cost, with low transaction fees and the best features available. Let your customer shop securely and easily on their mobile phone with easy to use mobile payment methods. We help businesses create or optimize their mobile payment strategy.

Local Payment Methods

Reach your customer worldwide with Local Payment Methods. When you are selling globally you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay. It is really important to take into account that there are local and cultural differences in terms of checkout experience and payment solutions per country.

We will help you to offer the right local payment methods enabling you to optimize your payment solution and customer checkout experience.

Micro Payments

If you are selling  products, services or digital items with a low average transaction value you could benefit from offering micropayments. Micropayments are ideal for businesses which process small average transaction amounts from any kind of goods. Take advantage by adding micropayments to your checkout process and get lower rates.

MOTO Payment Processing

MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) is the processing of transactions  where cardholder data is received by mail, telephone and fax. MOTO accounts are perfect for businesses or customers that prefer human touch contact. MOTO payments, also known as a virtual terminal, will allow you to process incoming  credit card transactions easily and secure over telephone or by fax.

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Payment Methods
Payment Methods
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